DIY Hollywood Style Makeup Vanity from IKEA!

So a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I made a trip to IKEA because I was sick and tired of doing my makeup sitting on the floor with a mirror on my window sill (don’t judge! it had the best lighting! lol)

Now we don’t live in the biggest apartment and we really don’t have enough space for a massive vanity, actually we only had 39 inches to work with in the corner of the bedroom where I could still get natural light, but also not be in a super awkward spot….I mean I wanted my makeup space to be *somewhat* private yano?

Also I wasn’t about to blow all my makeup-spending money on a vanity. $1,000 for a table? $400 for a chair?? $700 for a lighted mirror?? Uhhhh hell no. I spent a grand total of $245. That includes a desk with a drawer, chair, mirror, lights, round light bulbs, plugs for the lights, a set of 3 drawers, 4 baskets for lipsticks, a vase and faux flowers. Not too bad if you ask me! Here’s some photos of what the finished product looks like and I’ll link everything we used at the bottom! NOTE – My camera makes the lights look yellow in some pics and white in others, they’re a little bit more on the yellow side in person but I also use the small mirror to the right which has bright white LEDs around it when I get ready or when I record videos

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

So here’s what was used! (click the prices for direct links!)

MICKE Desk in White – $49.99

Small chair – $19.99 – I can’t find it on the IKEA website anymore but they have a TON around that price point, so whatever works for you!

KOLJA Mirror – $9.99

MUSIK Wall Lamp – $14.99 x 2, I originally wanted 3 (one for the top) but that would have been ridiculously bright, seriously this set up is like the freakin’ sun as it is. Also the lightbulbs were fairly expensive so it would have raised my cost quite a bit

LEDARE LED bulbs – $5.99 x 10. Yep, that’s where it got pricey

Cord for light fixtures – I paid $40 for mine but you can find them here for way less (grr!!) you need one for every fixture since these are meant to be installed into the wall, I needed to be able to plug mine into the wall. You can ask your local Home Depot/Lowes/wherever for help  and they can show you how to put it all together. It was surprisingly VERY easy!

SNÄRTIG Vase –  $0.79

For the flowers I just grabbed a few I liked, they start at like $0.99 and they had a ton of different ones at my local IKEA

SUMMERA Drawer insert – $7.99

LENNART Drawers – $9.99 this is PERFECT for my palettes and nail polishes cause it “hides” them but it’s still kinda see through… and if I can see my products? I’m way more likely to use them!

I can’t find the little baskets I have my lipsticks in online BUT I remember they were sold in packs of 2 and they were super cheap in the office supply area/department/whatever you wanna call it cause IKEA is a damn maze. Also I got the brush holder thing from Marshalls for about $5.

To finish it all off I added my JBL Flip 2 bluetooth speaker I got for free when I upgraded my phone cause I like to listen to music and talk on the phone when I get ready lol =)

Hope that helps you guys get inspired to build your own girly space! It doesn’t have to be expensive to be chic!


MAC Club and Steamy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Recently I went on a lil shopping spree at MAC and Sephora and bought some lovely shadows, two of which that were nothing like what I already owned, MAC “Club” and “Steamy”. I loved both of them in the store but once I got home I couldn’t really think of ways I could wear them. I got to google-ing and youtube-ing and found a few videos and photos with ideas but nothing really screamed at me until I saw this blog post and had to recreate something like it.




This is what I came up with, using only 3 eyeshadows and 3 pencil liners.



Swatched both shadows over 5 different liners to figure out what I liked the most. “Club” is on the left, “Steamy” on the right over white, green, turquoise, brown, and black pencil liners (starting from the top). I liked the brown and black for “Club” and the turquoise for “Steamy”.


First I primed my lids and applied MAC “Shroom” to my browbone to highlight and used a brown pencil eye liner to define my crease. I got pretty messy with the brown but it doesnt matter cause it all gets blended out anyways.



Blended out the brown with my fingertip just to have a little definition in the crease and slightly past the crease




Next I used a black pencil liner and filled in my lid, doesnt have to be perfect cause it will be blended out

blend blend blend!



It doesn’t need to be PERFECT, just make sure its darker on your lid then brown in the crease. Next you’ll apply MAC “Club” all over the lid and blend into the crease going just past the brown liner


Line the outer 3rd of your lid with the black pencil liner and smudge towards the inner corner but don’t go past the inner 3rd


Apply “Club” over the black liner and add a turquoise liner in the inner 3rd of the lower lashline



Apply MAC “Steamy” over the turquoise liner and blend



Line your waterline with a black pencil, my favorite is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner in Perversion. I lined by lower and upper waterline. I also applied a small amount of “Shroom” to the inner corner to help blend “Club” and “Steamy” together more evenly.


Next apply a black winged liner. I like my wings to be ultra precise and dramatic so I use a liquid liner. Here I used ELF Liquid Liner in black (only $1!)


Once all that’s done I did the rest of my foundation and applied false lashes, these are Sephora Lashes in “Mink”



Some full face selfie time!

Snapchat-20140721012351 Snapchat-20140721012400 Snapchat-20140721121653 Snapchat-20140721121752 Snapchat-20140721124108


For anyone who wants to know, the bronzer I used to contour is TooFaced Chocolate Soleil, the blush is MAC “Petal Power” Mineralize blush, the lipstick is a blend of TooFaced “Melted Peony” and L’Oreal “Fairest Nude”, the brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow in “Chocolate”.



You asked… I answered =)

Valentines Day at Hooters of Princeton!

Alright so earlier today I posted up on FB/Twitter what you guys would like to see on my blog, I didn’t get a ton of comments however I did get quite a few messages so since I’m assuming you want to remain anonymous, I’ll keep it that way =)

One person asked about my modeling and why I didn’t add anything new for a looooong time and if I quit. Well, the short answer to that is that I didn’t do much modeling in California. 1. it is extremely difficult out there, period. Everyone wants you to be something “more” (hair, height, boobs! seriously, they all want something more from you!) unless you are already established in the area. 2. I simply wasn’t “allowed” to, but I’ll touch more on that in my next Q&A. 3. Yes I am getting back into it! It’s not my #1 priority or focus at the moment, but yes, I am getting back into it now that I’m back on the East Coast. I plan on getting into even better shape than I was in before I ran off to CA and I will be doing more shoots, and hopefully more with Hooters! So stay tuned!

NJ Shoot!

Another common question/comment that I’ve received over the last few months, not just today, has been about why I left CA, what happened with my husband, people have been concerned about me rushing into a new relationship blah blah blah… well for starters, my relationship really is none of your business. True friends will be happy for me as long as I’m happy amirite? That being said, I won’t go into detail about why my marriage crashed and burned but I will say that no one should ever stay in an abusive relationship, whether it’s physical, verbal, or a combination of the two, NO ONE should stay with someone that does not make them happy. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re married, living together, stuck in a foreign place, NOTHING should force you to stay with someone that doesn’t make you a better you. I will say that while I was in California I was absolutely miserable. I rushed into my marriage and realized very VERY quickly that the person I married was NOT the same person I was dating back home. I should have left that first month I was there, but me being the stubborn asshole that I am I wanted to try to stick it out and “make it work”. I’ve never believed in divorce as I’ve always seen it as a failure, well you know what? Shit happens. Sometimes you find out the person you married isn’t the great guy you thought he was, and turned out to be a complete psycho, liar, cheater, piece of shit and you have to get out. As some of you know, I didn’t work much while living in CA, both “normal” job and modeling, and that’s because I wasn’t allowed to. Seriously. Newsflash for you guys, if your significant other doesn’t trust you enough to let you WORK, there’s a problem. I could go on more, but honestly it’s not worth it anymore. I met my current boyfriend while being practically imprisoned in my own home with nothing more than a computer and Xbox 360. We met way back in March/April-ish on Xbox Live playing Battlefield 3. There was no romantic connection there, so don’t start thinking I’m some terrible person who left her husband for someone she met online. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Hell, my current boyfriend (Matt) and I didn’t even talk much for a few months, it wasn’t until late July/early August that we really started to talk more and realized that there was a connection there. And yes, this was well after I realized my marriage was a sham. I had no intention of coming out to New Jersey, as some of my close friends know my plan was to go back home to NC and start over…. except you kinda need money to do that… and having no job and no savings really didn’t help much in that situation. Honestly I thought I was trapped in CA until Matt’s family was kind enough to take me in, and Matt flew out to get me. Over our week-long drive across the country I really fell for him. I don’t think anyone has ever shown me just how much I mean to them until that trip. Hell I was married to a guy for a year that wouldn’t let me see my own mother, yet just a few days after I officially MET Matt he took us on a 14+ hr detour in our trip just so I could see my mother at the Outer Banks of NC. That honestly means more to me than anything. I don’t know what I’d do without him, I’m head over heels in love with him. I can honestly say that I can see this lasting for a very very long time, never rushing into anything crazy like I did moving to CA again, but I am crazy in love with this man <3

Snow day with Matt <3

Snow day with Matt <3

Something I’ve been asked a LOT in person more so than online, has been what I think about this Hooters compared to the ones I worked in back in Oceanside, CA and Raleigh, NC. Honestly, I love this Hooters. The girls are super fun and friendly, much like back in Raleigh! As some of you may know, I didn’t have the best time at Oceanside and honestly never bonded with any of the girls there, It was a very different experience and not the “Hooters” experience I’m accustomed to. That being said, Hooters of Princeton and Raleigh are both fairly similar work-wise, Princeton is a lil less strict and a bit more fun with the dress up days… but every Hooters has different rules and regulations. That’s just the way the company goes. I have been doing the bikini shows for Hooters of Princeton and I do plan to submit photos for the Calendar and other Hooters-related competitions for as long as I’m with the company =) I’ve also been asked when I work and if you guys can come visit me, of course you can visit me! I usually work weekends and I rarely work day shifts, so if you wanna stop by on a Fri/Sat/Sun night be sure to say hi!

Goofin’ off with the other Hooters Girls at the Hooters of Princeton Holiday Bikini Show!

Someone asked me what I’m currently listening to, so I’m only going to post a few songs that I’ve been obsessed with… let’s stick with 5 ;)

1. Scream and Shout – ft Britney Spears

2. Put Your Hands Up – Matchbox Twenty

3. One More Night – Maroon 5

4. Bangarang – Skrillex

5. Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj (I know I’m gonna get hate for this one…)

So that’s it for now! If I get any more questions sent to me before midnight eastern time tonight, I will add them and their answers =)

I seriously need to set a reminder so I won’t forget to post anymore…

Yay its only been like, a year since my last post… well half a year… but still that’s too long ;)

Anyways, for those of you that follow me on Facebook, Twitter (@ClaireBearx3), Instagram (@theClaireBearx3), or wherever else you know already that I’ve moved from San Diego to New Jersey! I’m back to working at Hooters, this time at Hooters of Princeton =) I’m also back into modeling and booking way more gigs than before!  Before anyone asks me no, I am not married anymore. I won’t go into detail on that subject here but just know I am about a billion times happier now than I have been in a very, very long time. Enough with the boring text and on with the pictures!

Jon Josephs Photography

Jon Josephs Photography

Jon Josephs Photography

Hooters of Princeton December Bikini Show 2012

Mirror pic before work ;)

With Boat!

RFR Photography

Long time no post!

Comic-Con post coming soon!

Until then, I recently started an wishlist! If you’d like to show your support you can buy anything on the list and it’ll be sent directly to me (kinda cool right??). Most items are perfect for modeling (costumes, swimwear, makeup) and prices range from $1-1,000 so there’s always something in your budget ;) lol!

If you’d like to check it out, click here or copy and paste this link:



xoxo <3